Fifty|fifty: deal!

Oui-oui, ma charade, Ixx Fifty:
plus one: first half, my first cry
Plus twelve; I saw Fredom, in green and red, in white satin
Bebob-a Lula, Rock n’ Twist, Take Five, night and day,
Leo Ferré faisait rever
Night in White Satin, The Moody blues singin’ us
twenty scores later on, welcome to the US
Oh, My boy!
Half-half, one sugar, moitie-moitie or Noss-Noss; c’est Kif-Kif
All the above, mean all the same, enjoy!
Have a nice day!

Charade, limerick
1962, Algeria’ Independence Day
Noss-Noss= Half n’ Half,
Kif-Kif; the same, in Algerian Arabic